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Workspace Health take the privacy of our customer data very seriously.  We aim to be compliant with all appropriate regulations related to the confidentiality and protection of personal data that we handle and store. We are subject to strict professional guidance related to sensitive health related personal data and want you to have a high level of confidence that we respect your rights. These privacy pages set our how we go about achieving that. If you have any concern please contact us in the first instance so that we may work with you to try to find a resolution.

Our privacy pages cover:

Brexit and data protection.

Workspace Health is monitoring the situation with respect to Brexit. Once the direction is clear we will amend our processes, policies and registrations to fit any new situation.

Customers and Clients should be assured that in broad terms the UK will transfer the EU GDPR rules in to UK GDPR under the 2018 Data Protection Act. There will be little outward change and the same high standards of protection will apply with oversight from the ICO. We will at the appropriate time make the necessary detailed changes to ensure that the data of our customers from both the EU and UK in held in compliance with the appropriate regulations. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact us.

You can find more detail of the likely changes on the ICO website