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People generally work more productively if their work environment is correctly setup. There are a number of things that you can do to ensure you remain well while working with display screen equipment (DSE).

What is a ‘workstation’?  
Under the regulations a workstation exists wherever there is DSE (including portable DSE in prolonged use). For all DSE the workstation, as defined, is the assembly including the screen, keyboard, other parts of the computer and its accessories (such as the mouse or other input device), the desk, chair and the immediate work environment. Some of these items are specifically mentioned in the DSE Regulations, but anything else in the immediate work environment is also part of the workstation. The guidance below is related to the setup and use of a workstation.

Who is a DSE user?
The DSE Regulations are for the protection of people - employees and selfemployed - who habitually use DSE for the purposes of an employer’s undertaking as a significant part of their normal work.
This includes whether they are employed to work:

  • at their own employer’s workstation 
  • at a workstation at home
  • at another employer’s workstation.

Areas of Advice

  1. Adjusting your chair
  2. Guide for monitor, keyboard and mouse placement.
  3. Getting you monitor brightnes/ contrast adjustment right
  4. Adjusting you mouse controls
  5. Multiple monitors
  6. Footrests
  7. Breaks and active working
  8. Dealing with problems